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In 2013, Mike Faga started his first business as a commercial media producer, photographer, and videographer. He then started consulting small businesses in social media, website design, startup development, and digital marketing. Today, he and his team are able to do all of that, and more. Most digital agencies focus on winning awards, cute design trends, and fancy buzzwords that make them seem valuable. Mike Faga and his team offer full service consulting solutions for your small business's online presence, and digital needs in order to meet your specific goals.

Mike Faga's Story

Mike Faga is an entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio. Straight out of The Oho State University, graduating with a degree in communication with specializations in media, technology, and video. All while developing two businesses: a simple photography business, and then Studio MFP. His first photo business, which started in 2013, quickly grew into a profitable photo and video company that spread from his hometown to clients nationwide in just a few years.

Mike Faga is now a consultant and creative, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with digital and social media marketing, website design, creative production, and business technologies. 

Mike is also the CEO and President of Studio MFP, the newest up-and-coming tech/management agency for small businesses. Studio MFP provides automated, enterprise-level software and management solutions for any kind of business in the professional services industry. A company that is dedicated to providing More For Professionals.

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