My Story

It all started from a Camera, a laptop, and an Idea


Mike Faga is an entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio. Straight out of The Oho State University, graduating with a degree in communication with specializations in media, technology, and video. All while developing two businesses: a simple photography business, and then Studio MFP. His first photo business, which started in 2013, quickly grew into a profitable photo and video company that spread from his hometown to clients nationwide in just a few years.

Mike Faga is now a consultant and creative, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with digital and social media marketing, website design, creative production, and business technologies. 

Mike is also the CEO and President of Studio MFP, the newest up-and-coming tech/management agency for small businesses. Studio MFP provides automated, enterprise-level software and management solutions for any kind of business in the professional services industry. A company that is dedicated to providing More For Professionals.

Early life

Mike has had entrepreneurial ventures since he was in high school. From getting his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts at 14 years old, leading backpacking trips through the South Dakota wilderness, to leading large scale fundraising events, he has always been working hard towards his goals. Mike credits getting his Eagle Scout rank to many things like managing time, working with leaders in his community, and developing plans, business, and other key skills. Throughout high school, he was a determined violin player, rock climber, and co-founded an environmental group, studied architecture, all while also being an active leader in his local church.

During Mike's high school career, he was deeply involved in the blogging community. Mike formed a blog focusing on minimalism and simple life practices. His blog allowed him to gain skills like ecommerce, Google Adwords, Adsense, social marketing, blog formatting, and analytics, all at a very young age. He quickly gained audiences in over 30 countries, and making connections with influential bloggers at the time. He ended his blog when he started college.


Mike continued to blog while in college. As an undergrad at The Ohio State University, he wrote for the university's blog. In his freshman year, he also got a job at The Ohio State University as a student video production assistant in the Communications Department and quickly moved up the ranks to full student media producer. Seeing his strengths in this field, he changed his degree track to communications, and excelled.

In the communications field, Mike learned website interface design, UX & UI, and photography, video, and social media. From there, things started to fall into place. Mike then started honing in his photography, video, design, and marketing skills independently. Soon after seeing this potential, he started his first business, Mike Faga Photography, in 2013.

Oh, he also got his degree in communications with specializations in technology, media, and video art.

Mike Faga Photography

Starting in 2013, Mike Faga Photography was just a college kid and his camera. Quickly growing from taking simple senior portraits and weddings, to working with corporate clients nationwide. This exponential growth exploded Mike Faga Photography into a fully-fledged commercial photo and video business. It specialized in creating content for small business marketing campaigns, and commercial productions (both photo and video).

Mike Faga Photography has led Mike to being not only a photographer and videographer for brands across Ohio, he is also a keynote speaker, attending multiple speaking engagements, nationwide ventures, and large-scale clients. His work has been featured and published in successful start-up/Kickstarter campaigns, non-profit companies, universities, and even international brands. His product photography has been featured in malls, advertisements, and online ecommerce.

Studio MFP

Studio MFP was Mike's passion project throughout his final 2 years of college. What started as an idea to find a way to manage his personal business more effectively and efficiently, it turned into a system that he is providing to all small businesses. Studio MFP provides an industry leading management software, and more. Fully automated and configurable for enterprise level functionality, Studio MFP runs everything Mike does.

It started out as More For Photographers, MFP being a homage to Mike Faga Photography. His original idea for Studio MFP was to help photographers manage and grow their businesses like he did. Then, he saw the potential for all businesses benefiting from it, he adapted the business and the MFP changed to More For Professionals. He has big plans for Studio MFP in the future.

Mike Faga Media

With new service and product offerings, Mike Faga Media was born from the structure that came from Mike's photography and tech experience. Upon graduating college, Mike had already formed 2 businesses, in vastly different industries. His love for creating media, and developing a tech business provided him with vast amounts of knowledge. All while also getting his degree in communications.