How To Write Blog Posts for your Business

November 28, 2016
Mike Faga

When you have your own business, you are doing everything. You wear every hat, and you interact with every client or customer. From sales, to customer service, you probably let things like marketing fall through the cracks. Sure you got a website (there are tons of inexpensive website hosting platforms, see Squarespace or Wix or Wordpress), but you need content for that website.

That's where blogging comes in.

You've heard about having a blog, you know that there's a section on your website that lets you write blog posts. But how do you write a post for your business? Better yet, will anyone care?

People do care. You should care. Writing on a blog can help with SEO, as well as providing value to your customers. Where do you go to find information? Buzzfeed perhaps? That's a blog. Almost all the content you consume on the internet comes from a blogging platform. Wouldn't it be great if potential customers came to your website to find information about your business? You're here on my blog, aren't you? IT WORKS!!

There are 3 easy steps.

An easy approach to how to write a blog post for YOUR business:

  1. Pick a topic. Preferably in your industry.
  2. Make sure you know enough about this topic. Do research if you have to, and don't steal or plagiarize any information. If you can, get in touch with the author to see if it's okay to borrow info. If you know enough about a topic, or enough of the topic is in the public domain, go for it.
  3. Start writing. Address the topic or problem people have, what the problem actually is, explain how this problem starts, and then address how to fix it in a few different ways. Then conclude with a way to prevent the problem.

Step 3 is a little bit more than just taking off running in a 100 meter dash without having any proper training. You can't just become "Usain Bolt" when writing your first blog post. You need to jot ideas down, and come up with a structure. My structure is usually dependent on what I'm writing about. For this blog post, I wanted to address that businesses need a blog, but don't think they do or that they don't have time.

Why do people come to blogs in the first place? To solve a problem they have, and to learn more about something.

This makes picking a topic relatively easy. What is something that your clients/customers come to you about often? Maybe you're a personal trainer and you have four clients a week ask you how much water they should be drinking. That's a great blog post. Write about optimal water intake for your lifestyle, and whenever someone asks you, direct them to your blog.

Blogs also make a great way for your business to become a center of knowledge. Providing valuable content on your website allows your customers and potential customers a way to share your knowledge with other people in their network. How often do you see a blog post shared on Facebook by your friends?

You don't need to be a professional author to write a blog post. But you do need to have a reason for them to read. That reason could be that you're a photographer and people love to read about your process. Or maybe you're a chef and you love sharing quick easy recipes for your customers to share with their friends. Write about your business's strengths, and you won't have to worry about getting writers block.

Now, going back to the personal trainer example. A trainer should be writing about once per week at least, covering problems they see in the gym, or fun things, workouts to do at home, etc. A few things that come to my mind right away are:

  • Why you aren't seeing the results you want
  • How much water should you be drinking every day
  • How to fix your diet (and cut back on eating Twinkies)
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Why you need to spray everything after that sweaty guy finally gets off the machine you've been waiting twenty minutes for and he barely even did anything. He was on his phone the whole time but he's soaked with sweat AND IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE

Sorry for the rant I just think there are a lot of things that your business could be writing about regularly.

You don't even have to post everything you write. Just by forming the habit of writing blog posts can help you learn what your customers want to know. This can also eliminate some of the tedious questions you get asked on a regular basis.

If you still think you can't write blog posts for your business, the team here at Mike Faga Media can write blog posts for you. You can suggest topics to us, or we can even do research of topics on your behalf. In our $199 per month plan, you can have our social media team can write blog posts every week as an affordable add-on per post. This way, you get fresh content posted for SEO and sharing purposes as well. Learn more here

When you sign up for a plan, your Content Specialist spends a considerable amount of time researching your industry and target market. If you’re trying to reach a local audience – wherever they may be – your local area is part of that research. You are also welcome to provide any information you’d like that you think will be helpful.

Our content specialists have experience working with clients from nearly 200 industries, all over the country. If we haven’t worked with your industry yet, we’re confident we can do as great a job for you as for all the other industries we’ve served. Our confidence in this area comes from the process we have for bringing on a new client. For every client, our Content Specialists perform broad research before posting any content. So, we know who your target market is and what they are interested in.

I look forward to seeing some of the blogs you write! Feel free to share them with me on twitter.