Photo to Social

November 22, 2016
Mike Faga

When I started my first photo business in 2013, I was a kid with a camera, a laptop, and a dream. I had no idea that I would be where I am today. So much has happened in the past 3 years, so hold on tight. I called my simple business Mike Faga Photography, and everything has changed since then.

I first started taking simple portraits of my friends, and shooting events around college. I got an internship while I was getting my degree and dove into the nightlife scene. Then, I got in touch with some friends who were starting businesses, and shot for them. This quickly grew into getting work with some other businesses in Columbus. I can talk about how I grew into commercial photography later.

I started also working with commercial video work. Then things got interesting. I started to get clients that required me to travel. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and even Los Angeles, This exponential growth exploded it into a fully-fledged commercial photo and video business. I specialized in creating content for small business marketing campaigns, and commercial productions (both photo and video).

Mike Faga Photography has led me to being not only a photographer and videographer for brands across Ohio, but also as a keynote speaker, attending multiple speaking engagements, nationwide ventures, and large-scale clients. My work has been featured and published in successful start-up/Kickstarter campaigns, non-profit companies, universities, and even international brands. I have product photography has been featured in malls, advertisements, and online ecommerce.

Since then, Mike Faga Photography has turned into Mike Faga Media. With everything I've learned from my experience with small businesses, and social media, as well as my degree from The Ohio State University, I've been consulting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Mike Faga Media is now a system that can create fresh, unique content and social media campaigns and strategies for small businesses.

You get everything in one place. Content, consulting, strategies, advertising, management, the whole nine yards. All at an affordable rate starting at $199 per month. Three years ago, I never would have thought that my photo business would turn into something this amazing.

I am so proud of everyone I work with, especially my team at Studio MFP. Studio MFP is my small business management agency that stemmed from the system I had in place to manage my first photo business and it's wild growth.