Social Media Bad Habit #1: Inactivity

November 22, 2016
Mike Faga

This is the first post of a 6 post series about bad business habits on social media.

Social media is one of the first places customers and potential customers go to get a feel for a business prior to making a purchase. Business owners and marketing professionals often recognize the great potential surrounding social media but many have allowed their social media pages to fall into disuse, potentially sabotaging relationships with would-be customers. When prospects and customers access your social media pages, they are watching for interesting, reputable and up-to-date content. Businesses and organizations should be responsive and engaging, and when these expectations are not met, customers may take their business elsewhere. If your social media profiles are incomplete or not in use, customers might make the following key assumptions about your business or organization:

Your audience may assume you are no longer in business.

Websites and content on social media pages can live forever, even if your business doesn’t. If your last post was from several months ago or more, customers may make the assumption that your company has gone out of business.

Your business or organization may seem out of touch with the times.

Customers might not want to work with businesses or organizations that don’t appear to utilize modern technology. If your company is not skilled at using modern social media marketing techniques, they might also assume that your other skills are behind the times as well.

People might think nothing interesting is going on at your business.

Engagement is the key to keeping customers interested and building lasting relationships. If there is nothing happening at your company, why should your customers pay attention? Keeping your company "fresh" in a customer's mind is the key to a long-lasting relationship. If your business is easily forgettable, then the next time they need your service or product they may think of your competitor first. Give your customers a reason to remain loyal.

Social media users could think your business is unresponsive or does not care about customers.

Customers make assumptions about your business based on the information at hand. If a company is unresponsive to online inquiries, it may be thought of as having poor customer service or even spark concerns about the quality of its products or services.

You might give people the impression that the competition is more knowledgeable.

If your competition has a strong social media presence, it will be even more important to demonstrate why potential customers should choose you over a competitor. Active companies posting quality, relevant content appear skilled, reputable, and approachable.

If you have had a hard time on social media because you don't think you have time, or that you aren't savvy enough, it could be hurting you more than you think.

There are a few things you can start doing right now to get active on social media.

Start posting! Even if it's a picture of a cat with the caption "Happy Friday!" We really don't recommend this. But if you have to, make sure it's a cute cat. We have a few suggestions for your first posts

  • Post your office having a fun time working
  • Celebrate a client's success
  • Tell your audience that you're back on social media
  • Share a video of your business

Another thing you should do when you start to become more active on social is make a plan. Whether it's to post something every day, or once a week, you need content. Something fresh on your Facebook at least regularly.

After you start doing that, come back to my blog for the next set of bad habits! We don't want to overwhelm you. If you're ready to start right away and want it all, contact us and we will get things started for you. We also can help you get your accounts and pages up and running!