Social Media Bad Habit #2: Irrelevant Content

November 22, 2016
Mike Faga

Why is posting irrelevant social media content bad for your small business? Simply put, your social media followers are following you because they consider you to be a subject matter expert, and they want to see posts related to your business on your social media profiles. That’s not to say that occasionally sharing content not directly related to your business (like a funny picture or cheeky joke) can’t be beneficial. But it’s always a good idea to relate it back to what you do.

If potential customers look at your social media content and wonder what your business or organization actually does, then you need to consider rethinking your content strategy. There should be a clear message of who you are and what you do when a current or potential customer lands on your social media profiles.

One reason remaining relevant is so important is that many people site irrelevant content as their reason for unfollowing a business. In fact, of the respondents in a recent study who said they regularly unfollow Facebook pages, 61% listed irrelevant posts as the primary cause.

So what constitutes an Irrelevant Post?

  • Personal information
  • Posts unrelated to the interests of your audience
  • Family events
  • Personal photos
  • Local events or news if your target audience is not primarily based in your city

Social media offers major benefits to businesses and organizations, both online and offline. It has opened the door for small businesses to compete with larger companies on a near-equal footing. However, it’s easy for any business owner to get too caught up in the socialpart of social media and forget their goal of building a loyal following while informing their audience about what they do –and why their followers should pick them.