Social Media Bad Habit #3: Ignoring Your Audience

November 22, 2016
Mike Faga

Studies have shown that social media users often feel a strong connection to the brands with which they interact. Are you an interactive brand or one that ignores your audience online? Unless the comment is spam, all of the comments made on your social media accounts come from real people. Not responding to comments may be seen by your audience as a poor customer service practice.Ignore the comments, and they may be left wondering how you'll treat them if they were to do business with you. And do you really want to be known as a business that isn’t responsive?

The good news is that personal interaction encourages MORE interaction.Your customers want to interact with a real human. Be real, friendly, personable and approachable and it will encourage them to come back for more.

Another way to encourage interaction is by personally and authentically expressing gratitude to people who have commented on your posts and shared your content. Reciprocity is a powerful thing.

It’s also important to note that long response times can negatively impact your brand. 

Most social media users expect to hear back from a company within 24 hours. If your or your team takes longer than 24 hours to respond to questions or comments, your potential customers might have moved on -potentially to your competitor.

The best way to gain interaction when you're starting out, is to start the interactions. Tweeting at users in your industry with helpful information, or fun, relevant comments can spark conversation. Engaging with hashtags on Instagram and Twitter can boost your audience. Add these to your daily social media plan.

Interactions can lead you to become an influencer in your industry. Engaging with other influencers can boost your brand's value as well. Once other influencers, and other members of your industry, see your high engagement, it will boost your opportunity to reach more customers.