Social Media Bad Habit #4: Inconsistent Graphics

December 9, 2016
Mike Faga

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but people can and do judge a business or organization by the graphics it displays on social media. When you put a lot of effort to create and curate your messages, you don’t want your graphics to be the weakest link in your strategy.

Whenever you represent your company’s identity with a cover image, avatar, or background and make it available for the whole world to see, you’re sending potential customers your business card and your shop window display all rolled into one. Just as a prospect might scrutinize your business card before doing business with you, or a passer-by would check out your shop’s window display before coming in, your fans on social media will analyze your online profiles.

‍It’s important that your images are familiar enough that your audience will be able to recognize your brand across different online platforms. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, sensational or ingenious, but it should be memorable and consistent with your brand.

Make sure images are clean, professional, and well thought out. Ask yourself: Does this image fall in line with my company’s core values? Does this image help explain my brand’s products or services? If the answer is “no”, you may want to consider a different image.

Additionally, be sure to select high-quality, interesting images for your social media posts so your pages and profiles stay active, bright, and inviting.

This extends further than just your social media. Websites should emulate the same standards as social media. If your website doesn't emulate the same professional image that the graphics you post on social media, you customers will notice.

If your social media is the window of your storefront, the website is the inside of the store.