How We Help Your Business
We work with your business to find opportunities: strengthening your online presence, coaching your team to produce media, and establishing leading technology and social media strategies.

Your Digital Media and Tech Consultant

Choosing to have a social media, digital, and tech consultant is a great choice if you need an extra hand, or if your business requires some regular insight into the media industry. Without having to pay for a full production, or full social media management, having Mike and his team work with your business is a great way to provide high quality value, on an efficient, yet effective, scale.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team is always on the forefront of the newest platforms. We research, test, and can develop new and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions for your business. We will work with your business to find a digital marketing platform that will allow your business to shine.

Also learn how to read analytics, monitor social media, and manage your business's online presence. Stay up to date on social media, and new up-and-coming digital marketing opportunities.

Creative Concepts

Every business needs creative media solutions. Mike and his team can teach you and your business how to construct high quality media, photos, videos and designs. We can consult on your website, help your design team and develop streamlined creative workflows.

Learn everything from using your phone to create leading business video, professional lighting and photography techniques, and how to create the best media for your business. Mike can also coach you on how to see new media opportunities in your business. Anywhere you may need photographs, and video, to new media events and opportunities.

Innovative Strategies

We determine and create new strategies to utilize technology and media in your business. Our clients have strengthened their social media, utilized new mobile applications in their business, and found more efficient solutions for their digital and technology needs.

Whether its media, technology, or communication, we can create a strategy for your business. Businesses are moving into a digital era, and Mike, along with his team, are able to keep your business up to date with new strategies.

Why Digital Matters

Digital marketing provides you and your business with instantaneous, powerful data. You can see immediate results and ROI from your marketing efforts. In a magazine or billboard, can you tell the editor "I only want males from the ages of 25-40 viewing my advertisement."? No. That's where digital comes in.

You can set up a social media sponsored post for as little as a few bucks, and target specific customers. The powerful metrics and algorithms behind social media marketing allows you to control every aspect of marketing. As well as providing tools like video, photo, and graphic design, to send potential customers right to your website!

This amazing opportunity is only the tip of the iceberg. Using your website to convert leads into customers means that you can then have them market for you on social media by using campaigns, give-aways, sales, and more! Having customers advocate and review your business on social media is a great way to garner attention online.

Digital marketing is the most powerful way that your business can reach new people, and returning customers. Your website is where they will have their first impression. Make sure that digital matters to your business.